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Leg vises aren't as cheap or easy to find as they used to be. Protect and prolong the life of the threads of your leg vise using these vise spacers. Includes seven different vise spacers from 1/4" to 1" in a heavy-duty 12-gauge stand to keep them organized. 

2-7/8" height x 6" width x 3-1/2" depth

Looking for more clarification on what vise spacers are used for? 
We'll be releasing a video in the next few weeks that makes it a bit clearer on the Vise Spacers, but here is a video by Black Bear Forge that helps to explain it in the meantime:

View our FAQs here.

Tools - Vise Spacers
Tools - Vise Spacers
Tools - Vise Spacers
Tools - Vise Spacers
Tools - Vise Spacers

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Great set of vise spacers

Well made, nice holder/organizer. These will help my vise last another 150 years. Thanks Ken.

Bob N.
United States United States

Excellent Vise Spacers.

Keeping the shop well organized is a constant chore. These can be kept near the vice and the right size is at the ready in a neat and easy to identify rack. This is another KCI product to highly recommend. Fast shipping.

Elmer M.
United States United States

Vice Spacers

Thoughtful design and clean, professional craftsmanship as are all KCI products. The handy storage rack, is an added bonus to help maintain ready acquisition of spacers. The range of sizes is perfect for my shop needs, and would recommend them to anyone who uses a vise in their shop. Thank you, again, KCI, for another great product. Sincerely, Stuart Greenberg

Stuart G.
United States United States

Vise Spacers or Savers?

These nifty spacers are easy to use and really save my old leg vise from twisting side ways around small pieces that cannot be centered in the vise. The "T" shape makes it easy to drop them in so you can focus on the piece you are working on. Great idea and great value!

Robert W.
United States

Yeah, I could have made them myself, but.....

Yeah, I could have made them myself. I have scraps laying around that I have used but when I saw this neat set in the nice compact rack, always there when you need them (assuming you put the spacer back in the rack when done!), I figured there is no way I could make these for less than what I paid for them. Nice product and well made. Thanks Ken.

Earl M.
United States

Slicker than snot on a doorknob

I bought this at the BAM conference this weekend and I put them into action the same night. I like the rack as it is labeled clearly. They work awesome with my vise. Very well made as with all of their products.

John K.