"Iron Menagerie" by the Guild of Metalsmiths

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Several years ago a few of The Guild of Metalsmiths members collaborated on writing and publishing a "how to book" on forging animal heads. The result of this effort is the book, Iron Menagerie, which explains how to forge fifteen different animal heads. Blacksmith Paul Hubler (who hammered out all the projects in this book) is present throughout in pictures and text to explain each and every step in forging an animal head. Iron Menagerie shows its uniqueness by clearly demonstrating every step in the animal head process so any person with a minimal amount of experience can easily follow the instructions. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to The Guild of Metalsmiths Education Fund.

Written by: Guild of Metalsmiths
Format: Paperback, Spiral Bound, 34 pages
ISBN: 9781931626293
Publisher: Astragal Press