"New Edge of the Anvil" by Jack Andrews

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"If ever there was a first book to start a Blacksmith's Bookshelf with then this is it. As an aside, if anyone wants to get a feel for what a good drawing looks like, get this book." - George Dixon, The Hammer's Blow

The purpose of this book is to provide a tool for artists/blacksmiths and metalworkers. It tells how to work metal: heating it, cutting it, upsetting it, drawing it out, twisting it, forge welding it and shaping and assembling it. It tells about metallurgy and tool making, metal finishes and corrosion, sources of information and supplies, charts and guidelines for many tasks. It explains the process of design, how to use the computer in metal design, how to set up a business and how to manage it. Providing an inspiration for all blacksmiths are portfolios of the wrought iron work of Martin Rose and Samuel Yellin, two of America's premier metalworkers of the past. To further inspire and to show the new focus of blacksmithing in the metal arts, six contemporary metalworkers show a series of demonstration pieces of their iron work.

Written by: Jack Andrews
Format: Paperback, 243 pages
ISBN: 9781879535091
Publisher: Skipjack Press